Custom Inbound Marketing Campaign

From strategy to goal identification to implementation, our custom inbound marketing campaign allows you to build the perfect plan for your business. Whether you need one or all of our services, we work tirelessly to increase your lead generation, conversion, and revenue!
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  1. What Is It?
    Our custom inbound marketing package allows you to pick and choose what elements of your campaign you want MACE Writing to handle and what (if anything) you want to do in house. Your package can involve underlying strategy, content creation, or both. Whether you go with every service offering or just a few, a custom package is designed to increase your online visibility, improve your lead generation, and maximize conversion and revenue.
  2. What's Included?
    Pick and choose from the following inbound marketing services: • Goal identification. • Initial inbound marketing presentation. • Buyer persona creation. • Keyword generation. • Web copy. • Blog posts. • Newsletter. • E-book. • Press release. • Monthly analytical reports.
  3. Not Included?
    MACE Writing does not provide the following within the monthly retainer: • Web design services. This includes posting web copy to your website. • Video production. MACE Writing can offer hourly consultation about best practices, but we do not create video content for our clients.
  4. Benefits?
    With thorough strategy and dedication, inbound marketing can provide increased site traffic, lead generation, and revenue. The custom package allows you to pick exactly what you need to have success in these areas, and you can even change from month to month. Handle what you can in house. Use MACE Writing for the rest.
  5. Price?
    The fee for a custom inbound marketing campaign is charged as a monthly retainer. Because you can scale up or down from month to month, the exact number will vary based on the services selected. Please contact us today for a custom quote.
  6. Questions?
    Do you have any questions about our custom inbound marketing package? Please feel free to reach out to us: E-mail: [email protected] Phone (talk or text): 406-404-MACE 406-404-6223 -or-
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