Your ideas, our words? Our ideas, your words? No problem! However you envision working with a ghostwriter, we're here to accommodate. Our ghostwriting services are wide and varied, from children's books to full-length novels (and anything in between).
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  1. What Is It?
    Ghostwriting entails working with our writer to collaboratively create a written project. Your name, however, will be listed as the sole author, unless you wish otherwise. A wide variety of projects are compatible with ghostwriting. MACE Writing handles fiction and nonfiction, and manuscripts of all lengths are acceptable.
  2. What's Included?
    Our ghostwriting service includes the following: • Ongoing meetings (as necessary) to discuss manuscript topics, direction, tone, etc. These meetings are conducted remotely. • Completed manuscript, including an edit performed by your qualified ghostwriter. • Signed nondisclosure agreement (NDA), ensuring confidentiality of arrangement.
  3. Not Included?
    MACE Writing does not handle the publishing or distribution of any written product. MACE Writing is also not responsible for sending queries or otherwise contacting agents or publishers. If your topic requires highly specialized or technical knowledge, MACE Writing might not be equipped to handle your project. Call today for a consultation.
  4. Benefits?
    Every ghostwriting arrangement is slightly different, but in general, this process offers a number of benefits: • Saves you time. • Allows a professional writer to express your ideas how you want them expressed. • Gives you a person to bounce your ideas off and/or generate new ideas with.
  5. Price?
    Ghostwriting services are charged at an hourly rate of $50.
  6. Questions?
    Do you have any questions about our ghostwriting service? Please feel free to reach out to us: E-mail: [email protected] Phone (talk or text): 406-404-MACE 406-404-6223 -or-
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