Hiring Consultation

Hiring a new employee is a big decision with big consequences (good or bad). If you need help deciding which writer, editor, or marketer is a good fit for your business, use one of our hiring consultants!
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  1. What Is It?
    A hiring consultant works with your business throughout the hiring process. The consultant helps assess résumés, assists in the interview process (we can be as involved or hands-off as you wish during this stage), and makes a final hiring recommendation. Our specialties are writing, editing, and marketing. Therefore, we only offer hiring consultation for these positions.
  2. What's Included?
    Our hiring consult will do the following: • Read résumés. • Read and assess writing, editing, or marketing samples. • Conduct or sit in on interviews (via phone or online platform). • Provide a final hiring recommendation (with a written report explaining the reasoning).
  3. Not Included?
    Our hiring consultant will not attend interviews in-person, and the final hiring decision is always in your hands. We only offer hiring consulting services for people seeking positions in our arenas: writing, editing, and marketing. MACE Writing does not assume financial or legal responsibility for the actions of any employee hired as a result of this consultation process.
  4. Benefits?
    MACE Writing knows what it takes to be a good writer, editor, or marketer. Because we're in these industries, we can help you spot the talent in an overwhelming stack of résumés. This saves you time in the hiring process, and it can save you the time, hassle, and money associated with an unsuccessful hire.
  5. Price?
    Hiring consultation is charged at an hourly rate of $150. Our hiring consultant independently keeps track of all hours worked throughout this process. An invoice is provided after MACE Writing offers a final hiring recommendation for the position in question.
  6. Questions?
    Do you have any questions about our hiring consultation service? Please feel free to reach out to us: E-mail: [email protected] Phone (talk or text): 406-404-MACE 406-404-6223 -or-
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