Inbound Marketing Consultation

Have the time and resources to write blogs and generate keyword lists in house but need help with the initial inbound marketing strategy? Our consultation package could be the perfect fit!
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  1. What Is It?
    Our inbound marketing consultation package is for those who have the resources to write and post all the blogs, create the industry-specific buyer personas, and generate the relevant keywords to target. What you need is the guidance and know-how to make your inbound marketing efforts more effective. With this package, you will work one-on-one with one of our inbound marketing consultants to create and implement the strategy you need for increased lead generation, conversion, and revenue.
  2. What's Included?
    Your consultant will provide guidance on one or all of the following topics: • Goal identification. • Inbound marketing buy-in and alignment. • Buyer persona creation. • Keyword generation. • Web copy. • Blog posts. • Newsletters. • E-books. • Press releases. • Analytical tracking software.
  3. Not Included?
    With the consultation package, MACE Writing only provides guidance and advice. We do not write or otherwise create any of your actual content. This work is to be performed in house after receiving your consultations.
  4. Benefits?
    Our consultation package benefits those who need guidance on the underlying strategy of their inbound marketing efforts but have the resources, time, and know-how to do the actual work in house. Because the consultation fees will be mostly up front, this can also be a cost-effective solution once you've undergone the initial education process. Like any inbound package, the goal is to see increased site traffic, lead generation, and lead conversion to paying customers.
  5. Price?
    The fee for a consultation package is charged at an hourly rate of $150. (This is not a monthly retainer.)
  6. Questions?
    Do you have any questions about our inbound marketing consultation package? Please feel free to reach out to us: E-mail: [email protected] Phone (talk or text): 406-404-MACE 406-404-6223 -or-
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