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We offer many inbound marketing services, from corporate blogs and personal blogs (all fully customizable) to business newsletters. We also offer search engine optimization packages, including keyword creation. Need a press release writer? You’re in luck. Press release creation is one of our specialties. If you’re looking for expertly crafted copy with sound strategy to back it up, check out our inbound marketing packages!
A professional writer can provide a host of services for your business, but that’s not everything we do. We also offer writing work outside the corporate world. From children’s books to full-length novels, we are equipped to provide any and all ghostwriting services. We also specialize in wedding writing, so if you need a wedding biography, don’t hesitate to contact us! From professional to creative to a mix of both, we’ve got you covered!
Presenting a polished piece of writing is often beneficial. Maybe you require a résumé editor or perhaps a professional editor for your novel. Whatever editing you need, we offer several service levels. We can fix grammar and punctuation or tackle more comprehensive issues, such as plot holes and problematic pacing. We even offer an educational edit that comes with a report explaining the reasoning behind significant changes.  
Have you always wanted to improve your writing and editing skills? Whether you’re looking to avoid embarrassing mistakes in your business correspondence or you just want to improve your personal writing, schedule time with one of our writing consultants or editing consultants. You can sign up for prescheduled classes or partake in a custom course. We strongly believe good writing opens doors. Let us provide the key!
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  1. Harold-Belskus-Bootleg-Sunshine
    Harold Belskus
    Liz is not only a great editor and copywriter, she is also super creative with her own writing, very intuitive, and a fun collaborator. We gave her some of our ideas for a piece of short fiction, and she created a fantastic world where our characters came to life, seamlessly adding so much dimension to our work. She’s the best!
  2. Walter-Pollard-Brand-Fuzion
    Walter Pollard
    Liz has been a fantastic resource for my marketing consulting practice. We produce a great deal of content for our clients, and Liz has been a very valuable asset in writing that content. She is highly professional and very responsible in meeting her deadlines. I would highly recommend her as an editor and writing professional.
  3. Martin-Holsinger
    Martin Holsinger
    We have worked with Liz on a few different projects. She is an outstanding writer with the knowledge and ability to write on many different subjects. She is professional and friendly. Very easy to work with. I highly recommend her for your professional writing and editing needs.
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